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Nine basic possibilities to improve their style in the academic font

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nine basic ways to improve their style in the academic font

1. Use active voice

Do not say, "The house of the stepmother was purified by Cinderella." (Passive.)

Say instead: "Cinderella purified the house of the stepmother." (Active voice.)

Passive voice construction ("purified") is reserved for these occasions in which the "do-he" the action is unknown.

Example: "Prince Charming saw the Glass Slipper left behind."

2. Mix it in terms of punctuation

Here are a few frequently abused punctuation marks that many people are not sure:

The semi-colon (;) separates two complete sentences that are complementary.

Example: "She was always covered with the cleaning of the fireplace with cinders; they called their Cinderella."

The colon (:) is used.

a. in front of a list.

Example: "Before your stepmother woke up, Cinderella had completed three tasks: Feeding the chickens, the breakfast with breakfast and washing."

b. As a kind of "drum role", a great revelation has preceded.

Example: "One has the hatred of the evil stepmother on Cinderella: Jealousy fueled."

The Dash (-) results from using two hyphens (-). There are no spaces between the stroke and the text. It is used.

a. To turn some explanatory information off.

Example: "Even Cinderellas Stifter - who were not almost as beautiful or virtuous like Cinderella - were allowed to go to the ball."

b. In the "drum role" sense of the colon.

Example: "Prince Charming would find this mystery lady - even if he had to put the slipper on every other girl in the kingdom."

3. Varify your sentence structure

Do not say, "Cinderella saw her feathered feather appearing. She was dressed blue. She held a wand. The wand had a star on it. She was covered with sparkles. Cinderella was amazed. She asked who the woman was the woman Woman said, "I am your fairy god." She said she would get Cinderella a dress and a coach. She said she would help to go to Cinderella. "

Tell them instead: (There are several real ways to rewrite this, but here is) "amazed, Cinderella watched how their fairy patent appeared. The woman dressed in blue was covered with sparkle and wore a star-shaped wand , The woman she was on, onto the woman answered, "I am your fairy patina." The fairy godmother would get Cinderella a dress and a coach; she would help to get Cinderella to the ball. "

4. Avoid closely with this, avoid chopliness

Do not say, "She scrubbed the floors. They were dirty. She used a mop. She sighed sadly. It was as if she was a servant."

Tell them instead: (again there are several ways to do this) "They struck the dirty floors with a mop as if she were a servant. She sighed sadly."

5. Avoid repeat.

Do not say, "The steps were jealous and jealous."

Tell them instead: "The stronger were jealous." (. or jealous. Choose one.)

6. Be Concis

Do not say, "The Mystery lady was one who admired every legitimate man on the ball."

Say instead: "Every legitimate man on the ball admired the mystery lady."

7. Use the vocabulary you know.

Do not always feel that you have to use big words. It is always better to be clear and to use simple language instead of showing conspicuous words from which you are not sure, and possibly abused. However, this is not to say that you should choose with very weak vocabulates (like "bad" or "big" or "crazy").

8.But also to the extension of your vocabulary.

When you read, look for words you do not know. See how they are used. Start a list. Integrate them into your writing while you feel comfortable and how they are appropriate.

9. Keep the language formally and avoid language of everyday language.

Do not say, "Cinderella was mature and good. She never let her stepmother come to her."

Tell them instead: "Cinderella was mild and friendly. She never had her stiff mother influencing her high spirits."

essentially, when it comes to working on the way, there are three things to remember:

authorize yourself with knowledge.

Learn to score correctly to increase your vocabulary, etc. Give you all tools so you are free.

. Mix it!

Avoid repeating words and set structure. The deviation promotes a good "flow" and is more interesting for your reader.

"Write to express, do not impress."

Especially, write clearly, clear and concise.

Student Learning Center, University of California, Berkeley

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